Predicting the Top 10 tech developments for 2017

Mobile app installs will continue to decline, AI-based bots will move to mainstream and Amazon’s Echo will become the critical component in smart homes. [Read More]

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Now that we’ve left a difficult though significant year in the technology business — and as tech vendors and media gather in Las Vegas for the annual CES showcase — here are my predictions for the Top 10 tech developments of 2017.
Prediction 1: Device categories start to disappearOne of the key metrics for the relative health of the tech industry has always been the measurement of unit shipments and/or revenues for various categories of hardware-based tech devices.
From a business perspective, it’s clear that AR/VR will steal the spotlight from wearables in 2017.
They certainly will, and we should hear an avalanche of new announcements in the autonomous driving field throughout the year from component makers, Tier 1 suppliers, traditional tech companies, automakers and more.
We will see more tech companies making focused efforts on applying their technologies to non-tech fields, including agriculture, fishing, construction and manufacturing.

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Predicting the Top 10 tech developments for 2017. #Trend

Source: Recode