This self-cleaning shirt uses smart textiles to kill off stains and bad odor

Amsterdam-based fashion startup Labfresh has designed a stain and sweat proof shirt that almost entirely eliminates the hassle of doing laundry. I [Read More]

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So when Amsterdam-based fashion startup Labfresh reached out to let me know they’ve designed a self-cleaning shirt that withstands staining and repels sweat, my curiosity was immediately piqued.
Without any hesitation, Vink opened the bottle and confidently proceeded to pour wine all over the shirt.
Then she did it again and again, and the result stayed the same: The wine simply washed off the shirt, leaving no stains whatsoever.
Excited to do some testing, I headed home, dressed up inappropriately well, and proceeded to cook myself a messy dinner sporting the Labfresh shirt.
At €99 (and €119 later at retail), the Labfresh shirt is by no means cheap.

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This self-cleaning shirt repels stains and bad odors. #Trend

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