Automakers are slowing their self-driving car plans — and that could be a good thing

Automakers are starting to become more forthcoming about the challenges of getting self-driving cars road ready. [Read More]

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Ford also plans to roll out a fleet of fully self-driving cars in 2021 that come without a steering wheel, brake or gas pedals.
Baidu, a Chinese internet company, plans to use its self-driving cars for a public shuttle service in 2018 and to mass produce the cars in 2021.
Google's self-driving car company, Waymo, is still committed to Level 5 full autonomy where a car doesn't require any human supervision whatsoever.
However, the company recently ditched its efforts to have a self-driving car without driver controls because of the regulatory environment.
The federal government has released guidelines for self-driving cars, but has been tepid about making a concrete plan for their arrival.

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Automakers are considering the right way to introduce self-driving cars. #Trend #AutonomousVehicles

Source: Business Insider