Google's Waymo reduces lidar cost 90% in effort to scale self-driving cars

Alphabet's self-driving car company, Waymo, is making serious moves to scale its technology by building its hardware in-house and driving down component costs. [Read More]

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Waymo's self-driving car, an autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivan.
Waymo #Google parent company Alphabet just made a big move to bring its self-driving car tech to market cheaper and faster.
Lidar is the most expensive component of self-driving cars.
Building self-driving technology to scaleWaymoWaymo is making serious moves to bring its self-driving cars to market.
Waymo has said it can see its self-driving tech being used for ride-hailing, personal transportation, public transit systems, and even trucking.

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The main component cost of autonomous cars has reduced by 90%! #Trend #Google #AutonomousVehicles

Source: Business Insider