Kino-mo's Hypervsn puts a different spin on holographic displays

London-based tech startup, Kino-mo, had no trouble turning heads at CES again this year with its latest Hypervsn "holographic" display technology, which took second place at Showstoppers LaunchIt. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Not only does the Kino-mo Hypervsn seem to be quiet while running (as best as we could tell within the noisy bustle of people), but it allows users the ability to remotely upload and control created content across multiple devices from a single cloud platform.
This could be a significant convenience factor for those who would own and use Hypervsn displays in different stores, cities, or states, as a wireless network connection supplants the need for manual configuration.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Although it’s not a real holographic display… it sure fools me, and gets me all excited! #Trend #Hologram

Source: Nwtls