Ethics — the next frontier for artificial intelligence

With one foot in its science fiction past and the other in the new frontier of science and tech innovations, #AI occupies a unique place in our cultural imagination. Will we live into a future where machines are as intelligent — or frighteningly, more so — than humans? #AI’s next frontier requires … [Read More]

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No other technology has the kind of far-reaching, global implications that artificial intelligence does across so many industries, from healthcare to transportation.
For a technology designed to mimic human-like intelligence, artificial intelligence captures our collective imagination in a way no other technology ever has.
This is where public policy must keep pace with the rapid advances happening in #AI technology.
But the technology #AI has already brought to life is still narrow in focus compared to its far-reaching potential.
Even better, advances in artificial intelligence are already supporting the notion of a future in which machines strengthen human perception, rather than deplete us of it.

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The next frontier for artificial intelligence. #AI #Trend

Source: Techcrunch