This Robot Will Carry Your Stuff and Follow You Everywhere

Meet Gita, the cargo-carrying robot. [Read More]

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The Italian company behind the Vespa, Piaggio, has recently introduced “Gita,” a cargo robot.
Designed by Boston-based internal startup Piaggio Fast Forward, its aim is to take the hassle out of lugging heavy items and doing mundane chores such as going to the grocery store.
“Gita is also covered with cameras and sensors and always knows where it is,” Piaggio Fast Forward COO Sasha Hoffman told TechCrunch.
“It’d be the dumbest thing in the world to try to steal or break into.”Like many robots today, Gita isn’t designed to replace human labor.
“The transportation and robotics industries tend to focus on optimizing tasks and displacing labor,” said Jeffrey Schnapp, CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward, in a press release.

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Are you frustrated lugging heavy grocery bags when going to the store; meet #Robot Gita. #Trend!

Source: Entrepreneur