We Sent Money To The U.K. With Transferwise Messenger Bot, Here’S What Happened

TransferWise allows users now to make international transfers through a Messenger bot. #AI #Chatbot #bot #Trend

Facebook Messenger’s chatbot horde just got a new member: Say hello to the TransferWise Bot. The U.K.-based TransferWise now allows users to make international transfers through a Messenger bot, which the unicorn developed through its pre-existing API. Currently, the bot lets users send money to and from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Europe, and Canada. Since Bank Innovation happens to be in one of those places, we decided to try and send some money to a friend in the United Kingdom. The bot starts off well, giving a cheery introduction before prompting the user to send money or complete other actions. After logging in, the [read more]

Source: Bank Innovation

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