Augmented reality may save you from road rage

When you're driving, it's all too easy to rage at fellow motorists who are either in a hurry or taking their sweet time. After all, you don't know the context…. [Read More]

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The project even has a "like" system that lets drivers say what they think about the cars ahead.
It's potentially more effective than honking — if one driver is routinely cutting people off, all their victims can register their displeasure.
The CarNote team even suggests that insurance companies could use an excessive number of dislikes to hike someone's rates.
It's hard to say if drivers would agree to that (what if an honest mistake angers a bunch of drivers and ruins your rating?
Still, it's promising — and it could be worthwhile if it prevents even a few road rage incidents before they start.

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The clever use of Augmented Reality to address road rage. Why not? #AR #Trend

Source: Engadget