Conversational AI and the road ahead

In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of so-called “intelligent” digital assistants being introduced on various devices. Although the technology behind these applications keeps getting better, there’s still a tendency for people to be disappointed by their capabilities — the expectation… [Read More]

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Such vectorized representations are at the heart of Google’s new translation system, although they are representations of entire sentences, not just words.
The new system “reduces translation errors by more than 55-85 percent on several major language pairs” and can perform zero-shot translation: translation between language pairs for which no training data exists.
Working within constraintsThe problem of natural language understanding in #AI is being worked on by some very smart people.
For anybody wanting to build a conversational #AI today, such restrictions are still absolutely necessary.
But there are ways of enhancing such conversational #AI experiences even without solving natural language understanding (which may take decades, or longer).

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Understanding what’s possible with today’s #AI is key to use this technology to enhance tomorrows apps. #Trend

Source: Techcrunch