Month: March 2017

New Breakthrough Gives AI A Human Memory

The #AI research is reaching a point where AI’s can build, and retain memories. #Trend div.generic {width:85%;background:#ECECEC;border:1px solid #f55b42;padding:15px;} WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Unknown to many AI’s are amnesiacs, they forget almost everything they’re tau… [read more] Source: Fanatical… Read More ›

Humanity And AI Will Be Inseparable

We are set for a future in which humans and intelligent systems will be inseparable. #Trend While some predict mass unemployment or all-out war between humans and artificial intelligence, others foresee a less bleak future. [read more] Source:

Best Bots For Brands

These brands are leading their industries in the messaging innovation. #AI #Chatbot #Trend We’ve compiled the best bots developed by Fortune 500 brands. They span across all industries including media, retail, travel, sports, entertainment and more. [read more] Source: TOPBOTS