Google touts big VR, AR advances

If the numbers are any indication, people like #Google's Cardboard viewer in a very big way. [Read More]

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If that's true, then #Google's $15 Cardboard virtual reality viewer plays an oversized role in the virtual reality market.
That's because more than 10 million of the heavy paper viewers have shipped since 2014, and Cardboard apps have been downloaded 160 million times from #Google Play.
Stephen Shankland/CNETSingh used the opportunity to then chat up Daydream, #Google's next-generation #VR goggles.
"We've built Daydream with lessons learned from Cardboard," Singh wrote.
With six Daydream-ready phones and 100 Daydream apps to explore, there are lots of devices and experiences to choose from."

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10 million… that’s how many #Google cardboard virtual reality viewers have already shipped! #VR #Trend

Source: Cnet