Instant messenger Line working on a virtual assistant to topple Alexa

The company's new #Clova app and smart speaker will debut this summer. [Read More]

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Enlarge Image LineYou may not have heard of it, but Line is one of the world's biggest messaging apps.
Line is teaming up with parent-company Naver, a South Korean search giant, to create an artificial intelligence platform called #Clova.
The company announced its plans at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.
It'll hit Japan and South Korea this summer, Line says, and expand internationally afterwards, though no timeline has been specified.
#Clova won't just be in Line products though, with Sony Mobile on #Clova-integrated products, according to Line.

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The #Clova platform is here to compete with #Alexa; packed with voice and facial recognition. #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: Cnet