How to Maximize Engagement With Intelligent Apps

Soon, "mobile first" will no longer be the mantra; it'll be "voice first." Now, it's up to today's companies whether their products will wear the #AI crown. [Read More]

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With intelligent apps topping the list of strategic trends for 2017, bridging the gap between man and machine is coming much closer to reality.
In fact, the trend is so strong it won’t likely lose steam even into next year: #Gartner predicts that 200 of the largest companies around the globe will develop intelligent apps by 2018.
Heavy not always is the crownAmazon gave us Alexa, the 800-pound gorilla in the #AI room.
This move has made Alexa not only more intelligent, but also more ubiquitous.
Related: The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce (Infographic)Serving your own consumers intelligentlyWays your own company can use #AI-enhanced apps to maximize engagement will vary by your product and its marketplace, but will often include the following:1.

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#Gartner predicts that the largest companies on the globe will all develop intelligent apps by 2018. #AI #Trend

Source: Entrepreneur