There's No Doubt That Amazon Alexa Is the Next Big Thing

To take advantage of its voice-command assistant, Amazon has just launched an online hub to make it easy to hook your brand up to it. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

To foster their invention, Amazon recently launched an online hub that can help brands get started with creating skills for Alexa.
For starters, there’s the Alexa Skills Kit.
This suite of solutions offers a command line interface for the Alexa Skills Kit so that developers can run Alexa code from their own machines.
Related: Ford Offers Amazon's Alexa in CarsBut, Amazon doesn’t just throw developers a few tools and hope for the best.
Although Amazon has made it easy for developers to create Amazon skills, there’s still one glaring problem that hasn’t been addressed: discovery.

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Consumers are adopting voice technology as a convenient way to get answers, without touching a keyboard. #Trend

Source: Entrepreneur