Why London is a self-driving nightmare for the Nissan Leaf

For the people sitting in the lobby of the Aloft ExCel, a premium hotel in the heart of London's Docklands district, it was a typical day. Some were there on bu… [Read More]

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Over the past seven days, #Nissan has welcomed media from all over Europe to sit inside its prototype Leaf and see for themselves how it fares on a pre-set route around east London.
Before fully autonomous Leafs can be sold in glitzy showrooms, #Nissan needs to prove it can master each of these obstacles without error.
From a distance, the autonomous Leaf looks like any other Leaf you'd see on London's roads.
Before we set off, Iijima-san explained that the displays are meant to help passengers; they're not necessary for the Leaf to perform its duties.
On the roadAlthough the UK is moving swiftly to introduce new laws governing the use of self-driving cars, #Nissan's tests must adhere to broader legislation.

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#Nissan is using the busy streets of London for their first European #AutonomousVehicles tests. #Mobility #Trend

Source: Engadget