Cadillac’s CTS sedans can now ‘talk’ to each other, which may make driving way less deadly

General Motors announced today that all of its new 2017 Cadillac CTS sedans would come equipped with "vehicle-to-vehicle" technology that will allow them to communicate with other similar models… [Read More]

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The Cadillacs will use a high-speed, low-latency medium called dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) to communicate with each other.
Soon enough, all cars sold in the US will be required to include #V2V technology for safety purposes, if the Department of Transportation’s new rule on it goes into effect.
Other manufacturers say they plan on including #V2V technology in their vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz in the 2017 E-Class.
“We really wanted to get this technology out there,” said Steve Martin, Cadillac’s product and technology communication head.
For now, the Cadillac CTS will only be able to communicate with other CTS models, meaning its usefulness in avoiding road hazards will be limited.

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Cadillac is the first car model to implement Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology, making driving more safe. #V2V #Trend

Source: The Verge