This startup’s AR headset can hold its own against the HoloLens

Avegant, a Silicon Valley startup that sells a pair of headphones equipped with a VR-like portable screen, is breaking into augmented reality. The company today announced that it’s developed a new… [Read More]

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The company today announced that it’s developed a new type of headset technology powered by a so-called light field display.
Avegant’s headset was superior to the HoloLens in key areasLike Microsoft’s HoloLens and the supposed prototype from secretive #AR startup Magic Leap, Avegant’s new headset creates virtual images that blend in and interact with the real-world environment.
“We’ve come up with a way to generate a light field that allows us to create multiple focal lengths.
(Microsoft has never fully disclosed how it’s “light engine” generates virtual images, so it’s unclear if the company uses a light field tech of its own.)
Yet it has nonetheless produced a remarkably capable #AR prototype all the same.

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The #AugmentedReality market is no longer just for world’s biggest corporations (or secretive startups). #AR #Trend

Source: The Verge