California DMV Proposes Self-Driving Rules That Allow Driverless Cars

Time to kick the human to the curb. [Read More]

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The California Department of Motor Vehicles today proposed new regulations that will finally prepare for the move from testing to commercialization.
Some 3,000 people die on its roads every year, and self-driving cars could eliminate the human error that causes 90 percent of crashes.
"This is the next step in eventually allowing driverless autonomous vehicles on California roadways,” says DMV Director Jean Shiomoto.
These are just proposed rules, and the DMV will hold a public hearing and a 45-day comment period before making anything final.
"The DMV's rules are going to shift a big part of the conversation to the federal level,” says Bryant Walker Smith, who studies self-driving vehicles at the University of South Carolina.

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In California self-driving cars will soon eliminate most fatal human car crashes. #Mobility #Trend

Source: Wired