Scientists Store Data on Single Atoms

The effects of the most esoteric physics abound throughout your life. Take quantum mechanics, the theory that describes how tiny things behave. It’s everywhere! How else would you get so much data on a palm-sized terabyte hard drive? [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

An international team of physicists, including many from IBM, have now taken storage down to the smallest level, by using magnetism to encode data on single atoms.
That means it takes a stronger kick to flip each holmium atom’s magnetic field around.
Advertisement“For me, the most exciting part was that the holmium atoms never reversed their magnetization,” said Natterer.
Here come the caveats: No, you won’t see a single-atom storage drive in the OfficeMax catalogue tomorrow.
“I wouldn’t make a hard drive with a collection of single atoms.

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We have reached the highest possible level of miniaturization for data storage: a single atom. #Trend

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