Production Soared After This Factory Replaced 90% of Its Employees With Robots

Replacing humans with robots was very good for this factory. [Read More]

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The Rise of the Robot WorkforceIt’s hard to argue against automation when statistics are clearly illustrating its potential.
The latest evidence comes out of a Chinese factory in Dongguan City.
The factory recently replaced 90 percent of its human workforce with machines, and it led to a staggering 250 percent increase in productivity and a significant 80 percent drop in defects.
Changying Precision Technology Company’s factory used to need 650 human workers to produce mobile phones.
Now, the factory is run by 60 robot arms that work around the clock across 10 production lines.

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#Robotics: replace 90% of the workforce, increase productivity by 250% and drop defects by 80%. #China #Trend

Source: Futurism