Two reasons computers won't destroy all the jobs

An economist at Boston University has come to two surprising conclusions about the relationship between technology and occupations. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

James Bessen, an economist at Boston University has been testing these claims by exploring the relationships between technology and occupations.
While Internet sales now account for over 7% of retail turnover, the number of people in sales jobs has grown since 2000.
His own research finds that overall, the net impact of computers on the number of jobs available is negligible.
Employment grows faster in jobs where computers are used more but this trend is offset by the fact that computer-based roles replace other occupations.
Computers boost the number of highly paid job roles requiring more educated workers – to the detriment of low-paid jobs.

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New technology – like #AI – can actually increase demand for an occupation, offsetting job losses. #Trend

Source: World Economic Forum