Watch Technologists Get Excited About Mobile Phones (in 1979)

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Summary… * Machine-Made

In this classic clip from the BBC show Tomorrow's World, presenter Michael Rodd makes a phone call using a prototype #mobile phone.
At that time, #mobile phones—at least in the U.K.—were typically radio links to an operator, who would do the dialing for you.
It was less like using a phone and more like raising someone on the radio to set up a phone call for you.
Indeed, at the end of the clip, Rodd is shown in an outtake accidentally dialing a wrong number (perhaps the first #mobile wrong number he had ever dialed).
Enjoy:For more Tomorrow's World clips, check out this massive BBC collection.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The first prototype of a #mobile phone. #MobileFirst #Trend

Source: Mental_Floss