AI is Now Helping Photo Editors Determine Which Shots Make The Cut

Stock photography company Dreamstime is now using #AI to help photo editors get images through the submission process faster. [Read More]

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ShareArtificial intelligence is now helping photo editors determine which shots make the cut.
Dreamstime, a stock photography company shared on March 15 a new platform that’s learning from human editors which images fit the company’s parameters.
The newest machine learning software isn’t going to replace actual photo editors, Dreamstime says, but will help make the process faster by labeling submissions and continue learning from the editor’s choices.
As staff continues watching out for legal, aesthetic, and technical issues, the machine learning system will continue to improve the accuracy of the labels it assigns.
The company says the software will help photographers see a faster submission process, which in turn gets images selling faster.

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The best photographs are selected by… surprise, surprise: a machine! #AI #Trend

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