Supervised V Unsupervised Machine Learning — What's The Difference?

Artificial intelligence (#AI) and machine learning (ML) are transforming our world. When it comes to these concepts there are important differences between supervised and unsupervised learning. Here we look at those differences and what they mean for the future of #AI and ML. [Read More]

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In recent articles I have looked at some of the terminology being used to describe high-level Artificial Intelligence concepts – specifically machine learning and deep learning.
Today, supervised machine learning is by far the more common across a wide range of industry use cases.
Unsupervised machine learning is a more complex process which has been put to use in a far smaller number of applications so far.
When people talk about computers learning to “teach themselves”, rather than us having to teach them (one of the principles of machine learning), they are often alluding to unsupervised learning processes.
Machine learning makes mistakes – take a look at this video of DeepMind using unsupervised learning to master the video game Breakout.

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The two different methods machines use to become more intelligent: supervised vs. unsupervised learning. #AI #Trend

Source: Forbes