100 Best Bots, Chatbots, and Voice Experiences For Brands & Businesses

We've compiled the best bots developed by Fortune 500 brands. They span across all industries including media, retail, travel, sports, entertainment and more. [Read More]

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Below are the 100 best bots from brands and businesses leading their industries in messaging innovation.
Johnnie Walker (Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo)EntertainmentThe best bots can be an incredible way to get engagement beyond clicks.
Allstate (Amazon Echo)Media & PublishersMedia and publishers are leading the way with the best bots for content consumption.
Many other publishers allow you to access content via voice on Amazon Echo or chat on Facebook Messenger or Slack.
1-800-Flowers (Facebook Messenger)Social GoodThe best bots are not only good for business, but also good for humanity.

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These brands are leading their industries in the messaging innovation. #AI #Chatbot #Trend

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