What’s next for Siri: Apple’s advantage for its Echo/Google Home competitor

Samsung’s announcement of its new upcoming Bixby personal assistant for its Galaxy S8 has once again started the chatter about #Siri vs Alexa vs Google Assistant vs Bixby. If you were to read the la… [Read More]

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But with what’s rumored to be in store for iPhone 8 from good sources, I think #Siri and #Apple’s standalone #Siri speaker product will have some big advantages.
The best 4K & 5K displays for MacMulti-language supportAn always-on, Wi-Fi connected #Siri speaker in your home could be the next major step we see for #Apple’s assistant this year.
It’s already a step ahead of the competition with HomeKit, and that will make for a ton of possibilities at launch for a #Siri speaker.
It could mean #Apple’s #Siri speaker could be truly context aware, versus just voice-activated.
Either way, SiriKit has already prepared developers well ahead of time, which means lots of apps will already support #Siri features by the time a #Siri speaker rolls around likely later in the year.

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The advantage of an #Apple #Siri #SmartSpeaker: support for >20 languages, and facial recognition. #AI #Trend

Source: 9To5Mac