NASA's origami robots can squeeze into places rovers can't

Imagine a Martian rover that can send small robotic minions to crawl into crevices or climb steep slopes — everywhere a full-sized vehicle can't go to. That's… [Read More]

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PUFFER's project manager Jaakko Karras conjured up its design back when he was experimenting with origami while working on robots at UC Berkeley's Biomimetic Millisystem Lab.
The team replaced the paper he used in his design with printed circuit boards and then 3D printed wheels for the machine.
PUFFER's latest set of wheels have treads and can inch forward one wheel at a time, so it can climb slopes.
They can also fold over the robot's body if it needs to squeeze into a tiny opening.
Karras said PUFFERs "can do parallel science with a rover, so you can increase the amount you're doing in a day."

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The #NASA is leading the development of the first foldable micro robots. #Robotics #Trend

Source: Engadget