Trump makes 2033 Mars mission an official NASA goal

The president signs a bill that funds the space agency and sets an aggressive new timeline for setting foot on the Red Planet. [Read More]

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SpaceXWhile many federal agencies are facing deep budget cuts, President Donald Trump appears to think #NASA is on the right track.
The president made that sentiment more official on Tuesday by signing the National Aeronautics and #Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017.
The bill basically says the space agency should stay the course, including plans to send humans to #Mars in the 2030s.
In fact, by signing the #NASA funding bill into law, Trump actually set a more aggressive goal for getting to our planetary next door neighbor.
Notably, the bill makes no mention of continuing #NASA's ongoing earth science efforts: the space agency has played a leading role in climate science for decades.

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The race to #Mars continues: #NASA re-confirmed for 2033, #SpaceX still on for 2024. #Space #Trend

Source: Cnet