Apple explores using an iPhone or iPad to power a laptop

The notion of using a phone to power a computer isn't new — we've seen companies like HP and Motorola try, and ultimately fail, to make it a reality for years…. [Read More]

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One features a slot near the trackpad area where you can drop in an iPhone, which provides all of the hardware necessary to run the Macbook-looking ultraportable.
And, in a truly unique spin, the iPhone would also serve as the actual trackpad.
Another concept describes sliding an iPad in the screen area to power the accessory.
Apple also considers plugging additional batteries and GPU hardware in the accessory base to buoy the performance of the iPhone or iPad.
Both the iPhone and iPad are getting faster every year, and such a nimble accessory could give Apple some intriguing ways to combat the rise of convertible, touchscreen-equipped PC laptops.

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Source: Engadget