7 Predictions On The Next Smart Home Innovation

Homes are going to look and function differently in 5-10 years time. [Read More]

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Below, experts from Forbes Technology Council have their own predictions as to what the next innovation in smart home technology will be, ranging from predicting needs for repairs to users changing the settings on multiple devices with a single verbal command.
AIs Will Watch HealthAdvances in #AI will fuel smart home technology.
GPS Lets Devices Know When The Owner Nears HomeI think GPS technology will allow smart home applications to prepare your home for you as you near its location.
Not All Devices Will Demand Internet AccessConsumers are continuing to demand more and better security to ensure their data remains private.
As smart home technology evolves, security protections can and should be incorporated from the start of product design.

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As #AI continues to develop, the automation in the #SmartHome will continue to grow. #SmartTechnology #Trend

Source: Forbes