How deep learning is transforming healthcare

Deep learning and #AI has the potential to transform a range of sectors, not least, heathcare. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Deep learning has been used to transform artificial intelligence (#AI) development, whether it is from beating players in games like Go or poker to improving self-driving #AI.
But perhaps the most important changes for most of us is how #AI advances and machine learning are affecting healthcare.
NVIDIA boasts that with deep learning, “#AI can help doctors make faster, more accurate diagnoses.
It can predict the risk of a disease in time to prevent it.”These changes in healthcare will democratize the healthcare system, enabling ordinary citizens to obtain reliable health information.
And with machine learning, an #AI could learn what diseases are more likely, improving its accuracy over time.

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#AI (specifically Machine Learning) will result in major progress solving specific diseases. #ML #Healthcare #Trend

Source: Network World