The bar for digital experience is rising in exponential times

Most companies are still plugging away, digital channel by digital channel, at creating the experiences they think their customers expect. But the game has changed decisively as entirely new customer-facing technologies emerge. [Read More]

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This also highlights a related issue: One's overall share of digital experience drops as new digital channels continue emerge and grow en masse.
It's important to point out as well that most of these digital experience advances are additive and very few truly replace what came before.
This means all of the old digital experience capabilities must be maintained and used, until returns from them diminish sufficiently.
Today's Top Digital Experience ChannelsThe bottom line is that organizations need to have a clear-eyed view of the digital experience landscape and what the major moving parts are today.
Please also note that the digital experience channels here are just the main ones that companies must consider.

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If you’re not including a popular new digital channel, then your customer experience is missing. #Innovation #Trend

Source: Zdnet