Wearable tech either has to be really useful or not feel like a wearable at all

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Thad Starner, a Georgia Tech professor and a pioneer in wearable tech, was speaking to a big crowd at SXSW about the inspirational uses of wearable tech.
Then he got a text from his wife on the Google Glass headset he was wearing.
(It was also, not surprisingly, the only pair of Google Glass I saw at SXSW 2017.)
To hear it at the conference, the future of wearable tech is still brighter than ever.
#Wearables either have to be really useful, or they have to disappear entirelyMary Lou Jepsen’s Openwater project is one example of wearable tech that's so technically ambitious that its ultimate form might not matter as much.

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The #Wearables have to offer value in order to justify their existence, or they become #disappearables. #Trend

Source: The Verge