How Post Intelligence Uses AI And Deep Learning To Help You Not Suck On Social Media

Post Intelligence uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to help social media users – from new to influencers – build better engagement and shareable content. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Instead, Post Intelligence analyzes your tweets (if you've got any to analyze) through deep learning artificial intelligence.
Aside from content suggestions, Post Intelligence offers personalized trending topics, post engagement prediction, historical reports, sentiment graphing and engagement analysis.
For regular social media users all this artificial intelligence and deep learning mumbo jumbo amounts to training wheels for social media.
Speaking about engagement, because I know how much influencers and brands love engagement, Post Intelligence takes engagement to another level.
With future builds set to encompass Instagram and Snapchat, Post Intelligence is looking to apply its deep learning model to all the social networks.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The days of the Social Media Manager are counting down fast (thanks to… surprise, surprise: #AI). #Trend

Source: Forbes