Next frontier in smart voice assistants: your ear

Getting nervous in a meeting? An in-ear wearable would be able to pick up that clue. [Read More]

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(Photo: Mike Feibus for USA TODAY)The tussle for supremacy between Amazon and Google to create the most useful voice assistant is getting louder.
Indeed, focusing on voice assist for business could prove to be good for IBM’s own business.
They believe that parking the personal assistant in the ear gives them a leg up on the competition.
(Photo: Google)Perched in the doctor’s ear, Watson can help her diagnose as she talks with patients.
With Bragi in the worker’s ear, a manager would be able to give them instructions that are translated right in the employee’s ear.

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The next thing to augment your skills; an in-ear smart voice assistants. #Trend

Source: Usa Today