Hate to Break It to Steve Mnuchin, But AI's Already Taking Jobs

Today, in 2017, the treasury secretary said he had no worries about robots putting people out of work. [Read More]

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"In terms of artificial intelligence taking over the jobs, I think we’re so far away from that that it’s not even on my radar screen," Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told an audience in Washington.
Artificial intelligence is not only coming for jobs, the jobs it's coming for are the precious few left over after old-school automation already came for so many others.
In a room at MIT overlooking the Charles River a few weeks ago, McAfee polled 140 of these experts in artificial intelligence on automation and employment.
He asked the attendees the same question Mnuchin got this morning: When will the robots take all the jobs?
Artificial intelligence is really, really good at the kinds of jobs that involve recognizing and matching patterns—in other words, what doctors and accountants do.

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Will we have to wait 50 years before #AI unleashes big changes in the global economy. I don’t think so. #Trend

Source: Wired