A modern-day race to the moon has been in the making for years, and now it's in the final stretch

A number of space experts say the key incentive for going back to the moon is water. [Read More]

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A real lunar race that has been in the making for years is now in the final stretch.
The Final Five are Moon Express, SpaceIl, Synergy Moon, Team Indus, and Team Hakuto.
The Google Lunar XPrize race to the moon lacks the media drama that the Apollo program enjoyed, at least so far.
Moon Race 2.0 is not a contest between two superpowers with immense stakes in the Cold War in the balance.
At least one of the competitors in the Google Lunar XPrize, Moon Express, aspires to mine the moon for its resources, including its water.

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The new race to the moon by private initiatives, at a fraction of the government cost. #Aerospace #Trend

Source: Business Insider