Discussing the limits of artificial intelligence

It's hard to visit a tech site these days without seeing a headline about deep learning for X, and that #AI is on the verge of solving all our problems. Gary Marcus remains skeptical. In an interview for Flux, I sat down with Marcus, who discussed why deep learning is the hammer that's making all pr… [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

I saw somebody else say it more concisely, which is simply, deep learning does not equal AGI (AGI is “artificial general intelligence.”) There’s all the stuff you can do with deep learning, like it makes your speech recognition better.
And deep learning is really just helping with that piece.
There’s good reason for companies to put in all of this money.
We don’t know the inner workings of deep learning, it’s kind of inscrutable.
So it is a fact at least for now that we can’t well interpret what deep learning is doing.

Opinion… * Man-Made

In the current #AI hype, aren’t we too much focussed on deep learning? #Trend

Source: Techcrunch