Report: Samsung to release foldable smartphone in 2017

Some believe that foldable screens are the next step in the evolution of the smartphone, and Samsung wants to be in on the action. [Read More]

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There’s no question that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a success from a revenue standpoint.
Word on the street is that they’ll be shipping a foldable smartphone in 2017.
South Korean outlet ETNews reports that Samsung is working to mass produce foldable displays by the end of this year, with market availability set for 2017.
Back in January, Samsung confirmed that the development of foldable displays is coming along nicely, but did not offer a timeline for commercialization.
One thing to note is that the development of curved, flexible, and foldable displays has been beset with delays.

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The foldable smartphones rumors illustrate that innovation in the #mobile market continues. #Technology #Trend

Source: Android Authority