What The Operating Room Could Teach You About VR

Want to design better #VR experiences? Learn from robot-assisted surgery, where errors could be a matter of life and death. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

With a few modifications, they can easily be applied to the sort of virtual reality we’re all more accustomed to, like gaming and film: 1.
In #VR gaming, the objective may be to make the experience as immersive as possible (it’s just you at home with your #VR gear).
The mechanism in this case could be wireframe outlines of the physical space of the room or objects in the room to help keep the user safe.
Floating planes or spheres rendered in a color that is alien in the #VR environment may be a good way to present a UI component.
A person wearing a #VR headset is obviously experiencing something in the virtual world–and likely detached from the real world.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The true challenge in #VR: mastering the transitions between the analog and the digital worlds. #Trend

Source: Fast Company