Brace Yourself — AI Is Here To Stay

Artificial intelligence (#AI). Virtual reality (VR). Augmented reality (AR). Chatbots. Voice search. Self-driving cars. Smart clothes. 2017 and beyond promises developments in technology that will be… [Read More]

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Picture courtesy: Samuel ZellerBrace Yourself — #AI Is Here To StayArtificial intelligence (#AI).
Pundits unanimously agree that the world will forever change in the years ahead as a result of advances in #AI.
Artificial Intelligence, Not ApocalypseWhether you are aware of it or not, #AI has already crept into your lives.
Driven by consumer demand and facilitated by the advancements in #AI, a new wave of personalization will emerge in the eCommerce industry.
#AI Is The Future Of HealthcareA microchip implant can send a message from your brain to move your prosthetic arm.

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The Jetsons-style reality we’ve all been longing for is coming (and here to stay). #AI #Trend

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