Brexit brings nuclear (con)fusion

The world’s biggest active nuclear fusion project could lose EU funding just as it gears up for its grand finale. [Read More]

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The hundreds of scientists, engineers and technicians who visit the center to conduct experiments, as well as the parts used to assemble the world’s biggest nuclear fusion reactor so far, come from all around the Union.
As hot as the sunFrom the outside, JET looks more like an engine room than a nuclear reactor.
It almost certainly is still 30 years away — at least — but ITER should show whether fusion energy is viable.
“With fusion, we still could get there,” said Tony Donné from EUROfusion, a network of EU fusion research programs.
That’s taken up the bulk of Chapman’s job since he took over at Culham little more than a month after the Brexit vote.

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The Brexit potentially has a devastating impact on the future of truly clean energy (nuclear fusion). #Energy #Trend

Source: Politico