What to do about the chatbot crisis

I stopped using a travelbot to book my business trips. I’m a little concerned about that, because it was working for quite a while — almost a full year. I’d ask the bot to look fo… [Read More]

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The problem isn’t that the bot was a failure or that chatbots in general have failed, although Facebook chatbot retention rates have fallen quite a bit lately.
I’m using machine learning in apps like Word instead of typing text responses.
One of the biggest changes we need to see in chatbot development is taking these bots out of their limited playing field and into the real world.
A chatbot needs to become a trusted ally for all-day use.
The chatbot developer doesn’t take the time to make an Alexa skill, then move on and make sure the bot works on Google Home and Cortana as well.

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A #Chatbot needs to become a trusted ally for all-day use (not limited to chat). #AI #Trend

Source: Venturebeat