Adidas to Mass-Produce 3D-Printed Shoes | News & Analysis

The new 'Futurecraft 4D' shoe is part of a broader push by the sportswear giant to react faster to changing fashions and create more customised products. [Read More]

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#Adidas already lets people customise the colour and pattern of shoes ordered online but new 3D printing methods will make small production runs, limited edition shoes and even soles designed to fit an individual's weight and gait economical.
The shoes will sell at an unspecified premium price but #Adidas plans to lower the cost as the technology develops.
"WALK BEFORE YOU RUN"Carbon's technology will allow #Adidas to make small batches of shoes far more quickly.
"What you can do is introduce more types of products without a cost penalty," said Terry Wohlers, head of Wohlers Associates, a US consultancy specialising in 3D printing.
Wohlers expects the 3D printing industry to more than quadruple sales to $26 billion by 2022, driven mostly by the automotive, medical, dental and jewellery sectors.

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The mass production of #Adidas shoes has returned to Germany, thanks to 3D-printing. #3Dprint #Trend

Source: The Business Of Fashion