Blockchain 101: How This Next Big Service Will Change The Future

More cloud providers are offering #Blockchain-as-a-Service now. See how this addition is changing the competitive cloud market. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

According to Harvard Business Review, #Blockchain is the next great disruptor, even more likely to change the next decade of business than big data or artificial intelligence (AI).
Says the writer, just as the internet was the first native digital medium for information, #Blockchain is the first native digital medium for value.
But the following are a few examples of how #Blockchain could change businesses across the board.
With #Blockchain, artists can go straight to the people, rather than through music labels, to protect their own music and royalties.
#Blockchain picks up where cloud technology leaves off by creating highly secure venues for information sharing—far better than cloud alone.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Let’s call it #blockchange: as #Blockchain has the potential to transform businesses around the world. #Trend

Source: Forbes