The Final Frontier In Virtual Reality? Hacking Your Muscles

Tiny bursts of electrical stimulation could help users feel walls and spaces in #VR. [Read More]

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There are all sorts of devices designed to make virtual worlds feel more real by mimicking physical sensations: full-body suits , gloves , robotic hands , and exoskeletons.
But how do you create a virtual wall, a physical obstacle that you can touch and push against, without using unwieldy mechanical hardware?
A wearable that creates the impression of physical structures would let users explore a virtual world in a way that feels genuine.
Instead of your fingers passing right through every virtual wall you encounter in a particular game, you’d feel solid barriers.
Or, if you’re exploring a virtual world that included a hazardous design element, the world’s designers could code the electrodes to fire, pushing your fingers away more forcefully.

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The next step for #VR is physicality: physical sensations using electrical muscle stimulation. #Trend

Source: Fast Company