Elite's AI Created Super Weapons and Started Hunting Players. Skynet is Here

Frontier has had to strip out a bugged feature to stop players from being wiped out from the galaxy. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

A bug in Elite Dangerous caused the game's #AI to create super weapons and start to hunt down the game's players.
It all started after Frontier released the 2.1 Engineers update.
The release improved the game's #AI, making the higher ranked NPCs that would fly around Elite's galaxy more formidable foes.
The #AI was crafting super weapons that the designers had never intended.
Players would be pulled into fights against ships armed with ridiculous weapons that would cut them to pieces.

Opinion… * Man-Made

#AI is not flawless. Last year, a game went berserk and started creating super-weapons to hunt players. #Trend

Source: Kotaku_Uk