Why Many Companies Lag In Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness

By Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes I purchased an Amazon Echo for Christmas and we have got used to Alexia being part of the home.  From switching the kettle on to shopping lists, Alexia is helping us with some of the chores. #AI is already upon us and while some people will go into denial, the […] [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

How Companies are already using AIIn the article “How Companies are already using #AI” published by the Harvard Business Reviewhttps://hbr.org/2017/04/how-companies-are-already-using-aiThe author, Satya Ramaswamy linkedin.com/in/satyaramaswamy presents this diagram of uses for #AI already in place.
He also has some excellent advice on how to start an #AI projects, such asProve #AI out on projects that can have an impact on cost savings or profit / revenue increase.
#AI offers companies a strategic imperative and #AI projects should be run strategically, tracked and measured.
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Opinion… * Man-Made

There can be too many “special projects”. #AI projects should be run strategically, tracked and measured. #Trend

Source: Digital Leadership Associates