Top 7 Social VR Networks You Can Hang out in Now

Social #VR networks will be the next level of immersion of users in virtual worlds where people can talk, create, play games, entertain and share. – You can follow our free Virtual Reality blog for the best information. [Read More]

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Hang out with your friends in a fun, interactive virtual environment as if you were in the same room, no matter where you are.
Use your Facebook photos to create your virtual self, then invite your Facebook friends to join you.
You’ll find a variety of Facebook content, including 360 videos and photos, that can transport you to new places.
Draw 3D objects with virtual markers, video call your friends outside of #VR, and share selfies of your #VR memories on Facebook.
With Facebook Spaces, you can hang out in a whole new way – together.

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#VR is one of the most social technologies ever created, in a world where location is no longer a factor. #Trend

Source: Vudreamofficial